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This blog is intended to provide reliable technical analysis of nuclear issues with non-state actors and nuclear beginner states. Some technical issues have important policy implications that citizens in a democracy should be able to make informed decisions about. The motivation for the blog has been the incredible amount of lies & hyperbole on the Iran situation of early 2006. The blog title is to remind you constantly of the quality of minds in charge of our nuclear security today.

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Until recently I was a physics professor at Harvard, where I taught the nuclear and particle physics course, among others. I've recently left that position to work as an R&D physicist in security applications. I have never done classified weapons work.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Going Over the Cliff

My advice? Fill up your gas tank before the end of the day.

Updated: too late?

Update II: Crude fell 4% today, a gigantic drop. I'm hoping the NYMEX traders know something I don't.


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