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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Filed Under: Requests I Never Imagined Making

Dear Members of the Cheney Administration:

Over the past few days it has become abundantly clear that you've come to the end of your Iraq fix and simply must have another war of some sort. I imagine this is rooted in some horrific combination of psychological insecurities and dark twisted fantasies. There being no Piggies or Simons among you, I'd really have no qualms about putting the lot of you all on an island to let you work this out among yourselves, but that doesn't seem like an option. So I have a request instead.

If you're trying to decide between war with Russia and Iran, please attack Iran.

Yours truly,

Andrew D. Foland


Blogger Sanjiv Sarwate said...

The two things that have really bugged me of late in discussions of foreign policy are: 1) the idea that the only way to show you are "serious" about foreign policy is to wage wars; and 2) the idea that context and justification are things that apply only to American actions; things done by other countries or actors are just done for no good reason other than that they're evil. One day, for no reason, Russia decides to invade Georgia. Just because they're bad. Another day many years ago, 19 men boarded planes and crashed them into buildings. Just because they're bad.

I guess, more broadly, the idea that explaining = excusing bothers me a lot too.

4:50 PM  

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